The Laundry Basket

The Laundary Basket

Who we are?

The Laundry Basket provides Professional & Premium Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services all across Dubai. With a multitude of outlets that offer our customers the benefit of trusted laundry services, The Laundry Basket is a natural choice in Dubai when it comes to premium and professional laundry and dry cleaning services. Starting in 1996, in Dubai, The Laundry Basket, with professional and trustworthy services has now grown up in to a premium provider of fabric cleaning services in the Emirate. We have our own free and dependable home collection and delivery services with a fleet of transportation facilities, in-house high tech cleaning factory and on-time and punctual professional staff who work together to provide our customer with the very best in Laundry and Dry cleaning services. Apart from providing cleaning services to clothing materials, The Laundry Basket offers professional laundry & dry cleaning services for all items of home interior fabric materials, including carpets & curtains all across Dubai with Free home collection & delivery service. We cater both to individual and corporate customers with equal efficiency and care. Our Quality services and competitive pricing has gained us the trust of a huge base of loyal customers who are the real passion, which drives us to operate in ever improving manner

What we do?

Our cutting-edge laundry facility is built to the high standards set by our business clients. Our committed staff has experience dealing with challenging commercial laundry problems, such as oils, deep stains, and other issues. Your personal laundry and dry cleaning need to be handled with care and discretion, which is what our pick-up and delivery services provide. Our skilled cleaning professionals provide personalized attention to garments, delicates, and linens (including car covers and throw rugs!).