The Laundry Basket

The Laundary Basket

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Attendants
We offer the best eco-friendly dry-cleaning in the area, with no harsh chemicals and expert stain removal. Regardless of the item, our attendants can get it back to you fresh and clean with our 100% guarantee! Stop scurrying the internet looking for a reliable dry-cleaners and contact us about our dry-cleaning attendants today! We guarantee that you’ll use our services time and time again for all your dry-cleaning needs.

Why Do You Need to Dry Clean?

Why in the world would someone choose to dry clean when Launder & Press is gentler on fabrics and just as effective, if not more, in some cases? is probably what’s on your mind. Actually, it varies depending on the piece and the fabric.

Since water can damage fabric, it’s perfect for clothing made of natural fibers like wool, silk, or cashmere. Water can stiffen the fabric’s fibers, which can result in shrinkage.

It prolongs the life of your clothing: Dry cleaning removes the possibility that your clothing may bleed, fade, stretch, or distort while being washed or dried

Here’s how to get rid of specific smells: A conventional laundry wash does not completely eliminate all odors, including those of smoke and mildew. In this regard, dry cleaning works better.

• Often, it’s the only method available to remove specific stains: In addition to being dry cleaned, an item undergoes a “pre-spotting” procedure, in which a skilled cleaner inspects each item to identify stains and pinpoint their origin so that the proper non-aqueous solvent can be used to treat them. A pre-spotter’s decades of experience are not unusual!

A useful hint to prolong the life of your clothing is to inform your dry cleaner of the origin of any stains on your clothing. Whether it’s a splash, wine, or ketchup.