The Laundry Basket

The Laundary Basket

Why Do You Need to Dry Clean?

Why in the world would someone choose to dry clean when Launder & Press is gentler on fabrics and just as effective, if not more, in some cases? is probably what’s on your mind. Actually, it varies depending on the piece and the fabric.

• Since water can damage fabric, it’s perfect for clothing made of natural fibers like wool, silk, or cashmere. Water can stiffen the fabric’s fibers, which can result in shrinkage.

• It prolongs the life of your clothing: Dry cleaning removes the possibility that your clothing may bleed, fade, stretch, or distort while being washed or dried.


Water and detergent are used with laundered clothing. After being submerged and vigorously cleaned in a commercial-grade washing machine, your clothes come out slightly damp and are individually pressed. The majority of clothing materials, including cotton, polyester, denim, and linen, can be cleaned in the laundry.

Why Do You Press After Laundering?
dry cleaning

What advantage does Launder & Press offer, then?

• Gentle on fabric: Over time, fabrics may deteriorate due to the chemicals used in dry cleaning. On the other hand, laundry uses water and kinder detergents to get rid of stains and general dirt.

• It’s the best option for removing sweat, oils, and dirt: Laundering works better than dry cleaning to remove sweat and oils from fabrics, which makes it the best option for cotton blouses and dress shirts. To give clothes a clean, just-out-of-the-cleaner appearance, they are pressed and hung after laundering.

• In general, it’s more environmentally friendly: Laundry still uses energy and water, but you can use eco-friendly detergents to lessen the damage. Appliances, whether they are commercial-grade or consumer-grade, are continuously becoming more efficient. Traditionally, solvents used in dry cleaning are hazardous to the environment and can irritate delicate skin.