The Laundry Basket

The Laundary Basket

Laundry Solutions – Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Your Clothes

How often do you wash your clothes? Do you know how to remove stains? Do you know the difference between dry cleaning and laundering your clothes? If you want to protect your clothes and preserve their value, it’s important to take care of them properly. Whether you’re looking for tips about laundry solutions or just want to learn more about proper washing techniques, these helpful tips will get you started!

Sort Your Wash Into Whites, Darks & Colours

It’s easiest to clean clothing if you separate whites, darks, and colors right away. If your washer doesn’t have a dedicated cycle for these wash types, simply sort clothes into three piles—white only, dark only, and colored (also known as regular or faded). Wash white clothes on hot. Wash dark clothes on warm or cold.

Check the Fabric Tag                                                       

If you’re not sure how to take care of a piece of clothing, look for a fabric tag attached to it. These tags provide washing instructions on how best to maintain your clothing.

Use Color Catchers

Fabric color catchers are little plastic bags that you put in with your laundry—they catch loose dye, so your clothing ends up cleaner than if it were washed alone. They’re also a good way to keep colors from bleeding onto each other.

How Much Do I Need?

Knowing how much laundry detergent to use is one of those chores that can be fairly difficult to perfect. One person’s light load may be another person’s heavy load, so it can be difficult to find that sweet spot when adding detergent to your washer. The easiest way to figure out how much laundry detergent you need is by measuring how many loads you do in a week.

Separate Different Kinds of Clothing in the Wash Machine

Separating out different kinds of clothing in your wash machine will help keep colors from running into one another, keeping your clothes looking great longer. Hang socks on separate hangers to prevent them from getting holes in them. Line dry delicate items like bras, lingerie, and undergarments to prevent them from stretching out. Don’t forget that laundry detergent has optical brighteners in it that leave streaks if you don’t rinse properly!

Treat Stains Right Away

The longer you wait to treat a stain, the harder it is to remove. So, while it’s tempting to put clothes in your closet and forget about them until laundry day, treat stains right away. It’s always worth a shot. For best results: spray liquid laundry detergent on fresh stains immediately after they occur.

Take Advantage of Dry Cleaning Services When Needed

Some people are confused about dry cleaning—they think that dry clean only means their clothes should never be washed, when in fact, it just means you need to use a dry cleaner instead of a washer. This is why it’s important to have your clothes dry cleaned periodically.


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