The Laundry Basket

The Laundary Basket

Our staff is outstanding
Our staff members are polite. They have the ability to make you smile. Our message is that “the customer is always right.” Even when you are wrong, you are always right.

Remain calm. We’ll see to it that your work is completed flawlessly.

Attendants at Commercial Laundries
Our commercial laundry attendants are ideal for both personal and business use because they can finish large loads in less than 48 hours. To prevent bleeds or overheating, which can cause shrinkage, we separate colors and loads.

Our skilled attendants understand the significance of using the appropriate cycle for the appropriate fabrics, and we promise that your laundry will be returned looking brand new!

The Superior Ironing Assistance

Our highly skilled staff is detail-oriented and will handle all of your belongings with the utmost care to provide you with a dependable, high-quality ironing service.
Our clothes pressing services
There are no two identical outfits. We handle every item that comes in as though it were our own.
We carefully hand press, paying attention to care labels, and provide bespoke methods for delicate items. When necessary, we use protective guards for delicate fabrics, steam when it will yield the best results, and iron from the inside. We fold or hang each item to your preference, starch it as you like, and inspect it for quality before giving it back to you.