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Why Do You Press After Laundering?

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What advantage does Launder & Press offer, then?
• Gentle on fabric: Over time, fabrics may deteriorate due to the chemicals used in dry cleaning. On the other hand, laundry uses water and kinder detergents to get rid of stains and general dirt.


Our clothes pressing services

There are no two identical outfits. We handle every item that comes in as though it were our own.

We carefully hand press, paying attention to care labels, and provide bespoke methods for delicate items. When necessary, we use protective guards for delicate fabrics, steam when it will yield the best results, and iron from the inside. We fold or hang each item to your preference, starch it as you like, and inspect it for quality before giving it back to you.

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Unlike what its name implies, dry cleaning is not actually a ‘dry’ process. Clothes are soaked in a different solvent other than water. Dry cleaning is typically suitable for delicate and tricky fabrics such as wool with stains which are not easy to remove with normal washing.

How it work

Just call us, our drivers will pick your items. Once your items are arrived at the shop our dedicated team will sort and list your items after the inspection. The payment will be processed after delivery. After washing our driver will deliver your clothes along with the bill.


We Deliver in 24 or 48 Hours

Your Laundry & Dry Cleaning are picked up and delivered at your location, without any extra cost!.

We Offer Flexible Price Range

Are you looking for professional dry cleaning at an affordable price? Look no further! Contact us nowo.

Helpful & Friendly Attendants

Our professionally trained attendants can handle all of your laundry needs. Get started today

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