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The laundry Basket is 5-star premium laundry service in Dubai with 20 years of experience

The laundry basket provides affordably price list in Dubai. we have great customer support services. If you don’t have time to wash yours clothes, you can call us o toll free 8005386379, the laundry basket will reach out as soon as possible.

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Item Pressing Clean & Pressing
T-Shirts 5.00 8.50
Shirt 5.00 9.00
Trousers 6.00 12.00
Jacket 15.00 23.00
Suit 21.00 35.00
Dishdasha 6.00 12.00
Skirt 8.00 12.00
Blouse 6.00 10.00
Long Dress 20.00 30.00
Bedsheet 8.00 10.00
Blanket 30.00
Dress 10.00 20.00
Sweater 8.00 15.00
Bed Cover 13.00 18.00
Comforter 30.00
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In two days

Express Service

50% extra Next day delivery

Quick Service

75% extra Within 3 Hours Minimum 150 DHS


20% extra

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